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Colorbrain (2020) 

Publisher: Big Potato Games


Genre: Guessing, Party

2-20 Players

Time: 10-20 Mins

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Colorbrain Description

CRAFTY QUESTIONS: In this family board game all the answers are colors. Can you remember what colour the five Olympic rings are?
COLORFUL ANSWERS: Colorbrain is one of the easiest family board games to learn. Each team holds eleven Color Cards in front of them. Together, they have to figure out which ones to put down to answer the question.
RACE TO THE FINISH: Sounds easy? In this family board game you only get points when the other team gets it wrong!
KIDS VS ADULTS: From Twinkies to flags, Scooby-Doo to Netflix,, this board game is filled with 300 questions that the whole family can join in with.
EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: Colorbrain takes just 2 minutes to learn and 20 minutes to play. The perfect family board game for large groups (2-20 players) and ages 14+.

Say hello to the newest member of your family games cupboard. Gather everyone around the table, hand out eleven Color Cards to each player and get ready to take each other on in the technicolor trivia board game, Colorbrain. Perfect for the family who want the best of both worlds, Colorbrain mixes the tense, competitive nature of board games like Ticket to Ride and Labyrinth with the fun, anything-can-happen moments of family games like Articulate and Dobble. With points only being awarded to players when the other team’s fail, Colorbrain is one of those board games that’s sure to get hearts racing and family members laughing as they race towards the finish line. The board game comes with over 300 Question Cards, covering loads of different subjects. From Oreos to Twinkies, flags to Netflix, we’ve written these questions with the whole family in mind. So if you’re used to watching Dad win every time at family games like Trivial Pursuit, it’s time to think again – this time, it’s anyone’s game.

Colorbrain: A Family Game filled with Crafty, Colorful Questions

Like most family games, the rules are simple. Here’s how you play:

1) Start by splitting everyone up into teams of one or more. Hand each team a set of eleven Color Cards and one random Color Capture Card. Place the deck of Question Cards in the middle of the table.

2) Each question is answered by one (or more) of the colors in your hand. For example: “What colour a coca cola bottle?”

3) Each team places their colors in the middle, face-down. When everyone’s ready, they show everyone which colours they’ve chosen, then flip the Question Card to reveal the answer.

4) If a team gets the answer right, they only win points if at least one of the other teams got it wrong. That means if everyone (or no one) got it right, nobody gets any points!

5) Return the Color Cards back to your hand and take on a new Question Card. The first team to reach ten points, wins!

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