Mighty Boards

A small team based in Malta and Poland, and our aim is to make beautifully designed and crafted board games that generate intense challenges and evocative stories. We’ve already got a range of successes under our belt – from post-apocalyptic adventures to bloody revenge brawlers.  We’ve established a solid testing process that we deploy with all our games, coordinating test teams spread around the world. We put an emphasis on rigorous development, striving for innovative mechanics that stimulate the imagination.

We believe that rules, stories and the visuals and pieces that express them are key to creating a great board gaming experience. Because of this, we place great importance on innovative systems, gorgeous graphics and top-quality pieces for every game we produce.

While our games span a variety of thematic and mechanical genres, they have one thing in common, which we like to think of as something of a mission statement: the tight coupling of rich, evocative theme and meaty, engaging mechanics.

Mighty Boards Games In Order 2021

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